Sampler BBQ Platter - 10/22/21

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You don't have to decide! Get a sampler plate and get a little of EVERYTHING (except Pork Belly Siu Yuk w/ crispy skin)  

Sampler platter includes the following: 

- 1/2 lb American Wagyu Brisket

- 1/2 lb Char Siu (Sweet and savory skinless pork belly)

- 1/2 rack Peach & Whiskey Spare Ribs 

- 1 House Made Sausage 

- (OPTIONAL +$30) 1 Korean Beef Dino Rib (Sauced with scallions and sesame seeds)

- All 3 sides 

Serves 5 - 7 (with Beef Dino Rib) 

Comes with our signature scratch-made bbq sauce. 

Photo is indication of what's included but may vary week to week.